When it comes to reality TV, we know that producers have a pretty big role to play when it comes to manipulating story lines and what not. But Big Brothers is a reality show that’s technically supposed to be different to the rest.

The whole idea with Big Brother is that they place strangers in a house with the cameras on the outside and basically let them run amuck to see how they’ll interact with one another.

Really it’s a type of social experiment that sees the cast have no contact with the outside world, only each other. There’s not even a camera crew inside the house, with the cameras hidden behind glass outside the house.

So by the sounds of things, the revamped Big Brother that we’re going to see is going to be VERY different to the Big Brother we used to know back in the day.

Entertainment insider Rob McKnight joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning when he told us that big Brother has actually done something that they’ve never done before.


He claims they’ve actually sent producers, camera crews and recorders into the house this season, with reports that they needed to step in due to poor casting.

“What I’m also hearing is that everyone was very excited about the casting of Big Brother but last night on the TV Blackbox podcast, Ben Norris, who you might remember was the winner of Big Brother on Channel Nine, he’s been told that the show isn’t going so well,” Rob claimed.

“And that the casting, they’re not gelling like they have in pervious seasons so they’re having to mix things up.”

Rob told us that with camera and production crews inside the house to assist with things like challenges and what not, the show is becoming a bit more like Survivor in a warehouse.

“He’s [Ben] also found out that they’re putting cameras inside the house,” Rob continued. “What I mean by that, you might remember that Big Brother usually films through the windows, through the two-way mirrors and with the fixed cameras.

“Well, this time producers , cameramen, sound recorders are actually going inside when they’re doing the challenges. Remember last year I told you this was Survivor in a warehouse? Well yeah, what they’re doing is actually having cameras in like when they’re shooting survivor challenges.


“It’s a very different Big Brother to what we’ve known,” Rob added. “It’s going to be interesting to see what Channel Seven serve up when it finally gets to air. Very, very different.”

This comes as we just found out that the Big Brother contestants had absolutely no idea about the coronavirus outbreak and had to be told by production crews yesterday.

Rob told us that it’s actually part of their contracts that they have to be told when serious situations such as a pandemic occur.

“The contestants are never told what’s going on in the outside world but late yesterday Seven and Endemol Shine made the decision to tell the contestants about what’s happening,” Rob explained.

“Ben was saying in their contracts, when he was contracted to the show, it actually had three things that they would inform them about, lie the death of a family member, but also if there was something like a pandemic happening. So that’s why they’ve made that decision.

“It could also be good television if they’re seeing what’s going on… Those scenes of people in the supermarkets is quite crazy.”


It certainly will be interesting to see how Big Brother comes together when it relaunches on Channel Seven later this year! Well, we guess they did warn us that the game has changed this season…

Hear more from our chat with Rob McKnight in the podcast below!

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