Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ wants to give you the opportunity to give your mates the biggest shout out you could ever imagine.


2020 doesn’t care about celebrities or models, 2020 wants you to be on the silver screen.

So in a turn of events, Coca-Cola is hosting an ‘Open Casting’ if you will, for everyday Aussie mates to star in their iconic summer ads.

Whether it’s for a mate, or a family member or an inspiration frontline health worker, they want to share some love to your mum or the local barista who’s coffee has kept you going this year.

Coke are gonna be creating over 170 unique series of ads including a wide variety of these ‘shout outs’ that will broadcast over multiple platforms in the Summer.

All you need to do is film a short 10 second video of yourself giving whoever you’d like your ‘shout out’.


Make sure you’re speaking clearly, but also… be as creative as you can!

You gotta include a relevant can or bottle from this years Share a Coke campaign that includes 200 iconic Aussie nicknames such as Macca, Shazza, Deano, Champ, Squad, Legend and cultural nicknames such as Mi Amore!

Upload your video here to submit your applications and GOOD LUCK!

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