We’ve got to say, we’ve been praying for some juicy new content to watch while we’re all stuck in isolation and Netflix have well and truly delivered with this new reality show!

It’s kind of like a combination of Love Island, Love Is Blind and maybe even just a hint of Survivor, so you can understand why we’re already OBSESSED with it before it’s even begun.

The show is called ‘Too Hot To Handle’ and basically it sees ten young, gorgeous singles from all around the world come together in a tropical resort for what they think is going to be the best Summer of their lives (hence the Love Island connection).

Only, there’s going to be no love-making on this island! The singles have entered a no-bone zone with one basic rule for the island – absolutely NO hanky panky!

This is kind of how it related to Love Is Blind, as it’s trying to get the singles to find real emotional connections without the whole physical side of things.

If they can make it through what is no doubt going to be a serious challenge for these serial swipers, they go in with a chance of winning the $100,000 grand prize, which is the Survivor aspect of the show.

However, if they can’t avoid the temptation, they risk losing money from the kitty!


Seriously, it sounds like the best reality show on the whole planet! Like seriously, MAFS who?

It all starts on April 17 on Netflix! Until then, check out the trailer for yourself below!

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