Australia’s beloved soapie ‘Neighbours’ is going to head back into production again since it took a pause amidst the COVID-19 shutdown. 

With strict regulations and camera magic, they will be attempting to make the show with no kissing, hand holding, minimal make-up and abiding to the 1.5m social distancing rules.

The team will ensure no more than 100 people a day in production areas and the studios have been divided into segments with different production groups.

This ensures if one person gets sick, they can close that one group and the other teams can resume production. 

“It’s going to look odd…but Neighbours is a show that can get away with it”, Chief Executive of production company Fremantle Australia, Chris Oliver Taylor said as reported on ABC News. 

Oliver-Taylor also stated that if Neighbours didn’t resume filming, they would run out of episodes to air by mid June. 

Good on them for keeping jobs alive in the film industry which is currently being devastated by the COVID-19 regulations.

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