After months of keeping their relationship under wraps, the last thing that Matt Agnew and Chelsie Mcleod wanted to do is ruin the ending of The Bachelor for all of the dedicated viewers.

But this is almost what happened when the pair had a run-in in their hometown of Melbourne last week!

Matt and Chelsie joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning after declaring their love for each other in the Bachelor finale last night.

Jackie was asking the pair how close they actually live to one another when they revealed that they were so close that they almost created a major spoiler!

“Do you live far away from each other in Melbourne or are you fairly close?” Jackie asked.


“Pretty close! And our work place is even closer,” Chelsie replied.

“Wow, how come you guys haven’t seen each other before?” Kyle asked.

“We have! Accidentally, last weekend,” Chelsie revealed.

Turns out that while living close to each other is great for a relationship, it’s not so great when you’re trying to keep said relationship a secret from the entire nation!

Why? Because you’ll end up frequenting the same social spots!

Chelsie told us that she was heading out to a pub and that she actually told Matt exactly where she would be so that they wouldn’t have a fun in. But things didn’t go according to plan.


“We were aware of it. We tried to obviously this close to the end it’s like I don’t want to blow it,” Matt explained.

“I shared my location with him so that he could avoid me but he bumped into me,” Chelsie laughed.

“I did a poor job,” Matt added.

Matt explained that when he realise they were in the same pub he knew he had to get out of there immediately and as inconspicuously as possible.

“I managed to extract myself from the pub reasonably quickly,” Matt said.

And luckily it worked because this story never made it into the headlines!


PHEW! Otherwise the producers would have been maaaaaddd!

Listen to our full chat with Matt and Chelsie in the video above.

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