When it comes to reality TV we usually take things that happen onscreen with a grain of salt, knowing that it’s likely producers have had a say in various parts of the storyline.

While it’s a little taboo to talk about, we all know it’s going on behind-the-scenes in order to make a show more dramatic.

But with reality shows like Survivor where the aim of the game is to outwit, outplay and outlast all of the other contestants, you would think that producers would have to let things play out naturally.

Rumours have been circling recently that producers on Survivor have been manipulating the storyline, such as helping contestants find hidden immunity idols and what not.

But Survivor All Stars contestant Mat Rogers says that this is far from the truth and that Survivor is completely different from all other types of reality TV.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning following his elimination from the All Stars season last night, Mat told us that what we see on the show is in fact reality.

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Well that’s all she wrote.. Was a blast to go round for a second time. Couldn’t quite tip the scales in my favor. That’s the game.. I’m not going to embarrass myself and try to justify what went down or how and why. I’m just going to say it was an amazing experience from start to finish. To the crew, you guys absolutely rock! What you do to get this show to air blows my mind! You deserve every accolade that comes your way! Much love to all of you! 🙏🏼 To my alliance buddies! @moanahope @jacquipatterson_ @markherlaar (@davidgenat )We were having a blast and we didn’t ever have the numbers! How good was that? Not often you get to play with the majority like that 😂😂 Well You’ve now got big shoes to fill, my last season saw 2 of them fighting it out for the win! I know you guys can do it! Cmon, I got everything crossed 🤞 .. It was so awesome playing with you… To all the others in the game, I hope the game delivered everything you wanted. See ya at the finale And finally to my amazing family, @chloemaxwell31 @rogersphoenix @livingwithmax @jvckrogvrs @skylarogerss I love you guys with all my heart, and although it was a a crap way to go out, I got to come home to you and that made everything great! Love you all so much and thanks for giving me the time and your unwavering support to play this crazy @survivorau game again. Oh and how could I forget the host with the most @jonathanlapaglia.. Top shelf job again mate. Great being out there with you. I wish you hadn’t have DQd Locky and got me in that cake shop!! 😂😂

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“There’s a lot of reality shows on at the moment that may get criticised for being heavily produced where producers are interfering with plot lines and making things happen that aren’t naturally happening,” Jackie said to Mat this morning.

“Would you say Survivor is one of the only shows where there is no interference with producers? Because I’ve always wondered that.”

“Can I tell you, it frustrates the hell out of me when I see people on socials saying, ‘Oh they just planted an idol’,” Mat replied. “They just don’t do that!”

Mat said that they’re not always capturing exciting or dramatic content, but that’s mostly the only parts that they’ll actually play during the episodes.

“They can’t follow someone around for three days looking for an idol, it’s not exactly great television,” Mat continued to explain. “And they’ve got three days to squeeze down into an hour and they’ve got to follow storylines and they follow the cool stuff, the fun stuff that happens.”


“So when they do find an idol people think, ‘Oh how convenient’,” Jackie added.

“Or they’ve planted it, exactly,” Mat said. “You know what, there’s too much at stake for that to happen.”

While a lot of other reality contestants end up complaining about the show’s producers after filming, Mat on the other hand had nothing but praise for the Survivor producers.

“I’m really proud of the way that they’ve produced the show. I think they do a great job because there’s so much going on and you know, if you want to be in the show, you gotta make moves,” he added.

“You want to be featured in the show, you’ve got to make moves. You’ve got to do stuff. Otherwise you end up being an extra.”

Looks like Survivor really is one of the only reality TV shows that lets their contestants have free reign with their storylines. You sure wouldn’t see this happening on MAFS…


Hear more from our chat with Mat Rogers in the podcast below!

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