A week or two ago, it looked like these two were still an item, but now it looks like Aleks Markovic and Ivan Sarakula’s relationship has fizzled out.

The pair, who famously refused to share any details about their sex life on television, became next level drama when they stormed out of Married At First Sight in the second half of the season.

After the episode aired, they both posted on their social media with positive thoughts about each other. However, it seems things are now quite bitter… at least on Markovic’s end, anyway.

Using social media platform TikTok, because that’s what all the kids are using these days, Markovic posted a video which is tagged as the #exboyfriendchallenge.

The video shows her mouthing the words to a recorded track: “Got a text from my ex the other day that said he missed me. I said, “I’m sorry, I can’t talk right now I’m at a funeral.” He said, “oh my god, who died?” I said, “my feelings for you did, bye f**ker.”

@aleksmarkovic1Byeeeeeee boy 👋🏽 ##fyp ##foryourpage ##exboyfriend ##exboyfriendchallenge ##byefelica ##byeboy♬ original sound – jandjgrammy




It’s sad to see that things have gone downhill for these two. Just another MAFS couple down the drain, I guess…

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