When contestants sign up for Married At First sight they’re opening themselves up to finding love in the midst of a pretty crazy social experiment, which in itself is a pretty tough thing to do.

But something they can never really prepare for is the way that people are going to react to them and talk about them online.

Every year we see a pretty disgraceful amount of trolling and hate directed towards the MAFS contestants across social media and it seems this year is no different.

Tash from this season of the show spoke out on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning opening up about the online abuse that she and other people around her have been copping following her appearance on the show.

Tash told us that not only is she being attacked by trolls but so is her current girlfriend, whom she began dating after filming.


“This climate of online bullying is pretty daunting and she [her girlfriend Maddison] is copping a lot, I’m copping a lot, I’m sure Amanda is copping a lot” Tash revealed this morning.”

Tash asked for those online to think about what they’re writing before they post it and to be conscious that the people they’re trolling are real people with real feelings.

“Really I just want everyone to sort of, just be a bit kinder,” Tash continued. “Reality stars are killing themselves, like just dial it back guys. It’s overwhelming.”

She reminded people that what they see on television isn’t always the full truth and that people online shouldn’t assume that they know everything about a situation just because they watched it from the comfort of their couch.

“The amount of people that watch the show and they think they know you and they think they know everything that happens and it’s like, oh my gosh, it’s condensed. It’s so heavily condensed,” she said. “We did three weeks of filming for a really short amount of what you see on air.”


Detailing just how bad the bullying can get, Tash explained that it’s not always strangers that are saying horrible things online and actually accused other cast members of being keyboard warriors.

“It’s not great,” she admitted. “I really, I wish that people who are on the show could be a little nicer to others who are on the show because we’re all fighting our battles online trolls and you know, it’s really draining.”

But luckily there are some people out there who have reached out to Tash and have been supportive during this tough time.

“I get a pretty overwhelming amount of support from people especially who, you know, have been through similar things where they felt like their boundaries weren’t getting respected, so that’s amazing to have so many people reach out about that,” Tash continued.

“But you know, you do get trolls and I just think everyone just needs to have some decorum. And remember it was filmed six months ago.”


While dealing with the online abuse has been incredibly tough, Tash says that she doesn’t regret going on the show because it has brought her to where she is today in a happy relationship.

Hear more from our chat with Tash from MAFS in the podcast below.

If you or anyone you know is struggling you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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