While we all saw the Hayley and Michael cheating scandal blow up on Married At First Sight last night, there have been rumours that a second cheating scandal will eventually come out.

The rumours claimed that Stacey, who was actually married to Michael on the show, actually ends up getting together with Natasha’s onscreen husband Mikey, after photos came out of the pair on a coffee date.


But now Stacey has come out denying this completely, saying that she never hooked up with Mikey.

Stacey joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning when she told us what REALLY happened on her coffee date with Mikey, saying it had more to do with her husband Michael’s cheating scandal rather than staring one of her own.

“Did you hook up with Mikey? Rumours are you did,” Kyle said.

“I did not hook up with Mikey,” Stacey said. “He looks like he could be my son… I’m sorry, he’s not my type.”


“Where did that come from then that rumour?” Jackie asked.

As it turns out, Mikey asked Stacey to go for coffee after she’d been at home with her kids because he wanted to tell her exactly what went down with Michael and Hayley.


And from what Mikey told Stacey, it’s actually much worse than what we found out on the show last night…

“He was actually one of the only ones who messaged me and he’d seen Michael that night when I was in Adelaide,” Stacey told us.

“No one was telling me what was going on. I felt so out of the loop. I had no one to talk to,” she continued.


“He reached out and said, ‘Let’s get coffee, I’ve got to tell you what happened that night’. We got coffee, he was lovely. He told me everything that Michael was saying about me, like disgusting.”

Stacey claims that she heard Michael was not only acting like a drunken idiot with Hayley but he was belittling Stacey and his relationship with her the entire night.

“Basically, he was telling Hayley he was going to buy her designer bags,” Stacey continued. “F Stacey, I’ll buy you designer bags don’t worry about her. I’ll treat you better than David’s treating you.

“Talking about our sex life, he was revealing our sex life to everyone in a negative way, which Mikey told me. How we have sex, when we have sex and what we do.

“It was something that no one in any marriage should have to deal with,” she added. “What husband goes around talking about their sex life? It’s disgusting.”

So by the sounds of things, Mikey was just being a good friend to Stacey and nothing more!


And if anything else did happen, well we guess we’ll hear about it at the reunion…

Hear more from our chat with both Michael and Stacey in the podcast below!

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