We all know and love him as the dorky, shy and inexperienced dude on this season of MAFS, but apparently, the adorable Patrick Dwyer isn’t as awkward as he’s coming across on our screens.

One of Patrick’s exes, Natika Stanley spoke to ‘The Wash‘ and revealed that he was very different in reality than he is on the show.

According to Staley, the pair had dated for two years, ‘He’s definitely not as awkward or inexperienced as the show makes him out to be.’

‘Patrick and I dated on-and-off for two years, he was my best friend above all.’

While his awkwardness might be ramped up for entertainment, which is understandable, apparently his sweet personality isn’t made up at all.

Natika said he was just as ‘sweet and respectful’ when they were together in real life.




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