So just in case you were wondering we basically just got confirmation that one of the couples on Married At First Sight are no longer together, despite the fact that they’re still very much together on the show.

Mikey and Natasha might be going through a bit of a rough patch following a blow up at the dinner party, but it looks like they don’t manage to patch things up, with Natasha basically confirming to Kyle and Jackie O that they’re no longer together.

Surprise, surprise…

While we didn’t ask Natasha straight out if she’s still with Mikey, she confirmed our suspicions by admitting to dating another man since filming finished.

“Now there was photos of you kissing some tattooed looking hunk last week,” Kyle said on air with Natasha this morning. “Who’s that bloke?”


While Natasha admitted to the relationship, she told us that they are no longer an item.

“Uh he’s gone at the moment,” Natasha revealed. “He’s gone, he’s gone.”

Speaking of rumours, Natasha decided to get it all out on the table today, revealing that the rumour she had a fling with Love Island’s Eden Dally is in fact true.

“The rumour is that you and Eden from Love Island have hooked up,” Jackie said.

“Eden was my PT and there was a quick fling,” Natasha revealed, explaining that they met before he began training her at F45.


Finally we asked her about the rumour that Natasha has had a fling with one of the lesbians from this season, Tash after the pair went on a girls trip together. But she told us that the pair are just friends and no more than that.

“What about the lesbian fling that you’ve apparently had with Tash who’s in the lesbian couple?” Jackie asked. “In Bali?”

“Look Tash is one of my best, best friends in the whole wide world and we went for a bit of a break to just clear our heads,” Natasha revealed.


Either way, it looks like Natasha is certainly not with Mikey and not really giving a damn about her contract that likely says she can’t been seen in other relationships while she’s still married on the show…

Hear more from our chat with MAFS’ Natasha in the video above!

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