Channel Nine, book Jessika Power’s ticket to Fiji IMMEDIATELY!

The Married At First Sight star wants to go on Love Island Australia with the serious intent of bringing us the DRAMA that we all crave on reality TV!

The second season of Love Island Australia kicked off on Channel Nine last night, introducing us to the brand new cast of islanders!

And it turns out that Jessika has her sights set on going in as an intruder to sort out her beef with one of the female contestants.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Jessika revealed that she has a history with Vanessa, who last night coupled up with Matthew on the show.


“I’ve been stirring my little spoon around in my pot all week thinking about this,” Jessika began.

“So Vanessa’s on there at the moment, which is obviously my brother’s ex-girlfriend… When the promo came out I just thought, ‘Oh, now that’s why the social climbing was happening’.”

By this, Jessika insinuated that Vanessa had dated various people in her life, including her brother Rhyce Power, her ex Dan from MAFS and another ex-boyfriend, in a bid to increase her social status.


“So she dated my brother after he sort of blew up on my show, and then she went to Dan and then she went to one of my other ex-boyfriends in Perth,” Jess continued.

She told us that she’s only met Vanessa a few times, but despite this Vanessa seemed to take issue with Jess. She told us that Vanessa had said some mean things about her on social media during a Q&A.

“You know you do your general Q&A’s and your fans ask. So they said, ‘What do you think of Jessika’ and she said, ‘Jessika is the reason why you should be brought up in a good stable home’ and ‘if you found Jessika under the dictionary it would say joke’,” Jessika told us.

“I’m not too sure why because you dated my brother. I didn’t break up with you. You dated my ex.”

So what would Jessika do if she was to enter Love Island? Well, she’d be getting the drama going for starters, amongst attempting to find love in the luxury villa.


“I’d love to go in there and stir things up,” Jess said. “Definitely try to snip the guy she’s interested in… I’d just love to do it to piss her off. I just want to stir it up a little bit.”

“Also, finding love could also be on the cards.”

Jessika also admitted that she’s had talks with Love Island producers about her entering the villa, but at the time she wasn’t actually single.

“There were some conversations going on at the start of the year but then obviously I was in a relationship with Nick from Married at First Sight,” she said.

“Yeah get me on that. The ratings would be hilarious,” she added.

Well Jessika is single now Channel Nine! Let’s see if she actually gets the call up to be an intruder!


Hear more from our chat with Jessika Power in the video above!

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