While a lot of the drama on the last season of Married At First Sight stemmed from the fact that Jessika Power wanted to start up a relationship with another woman’s husband, she’s come out swinging at the producers claiming that they faked a lot of her story lines.

Including one of her big fights with her onscreen husband at the time, Mick!

We’ve heard of this sort of thing happening before, when Lauren Huntriss from the same season claimed that producers forced her to say various things about her sex life in order to create a story line.

And now, Jess has claimed that they did a similar thing with her and Mick.

You may remember a fight that Mick and Jess had on the show which started after Jess found out that Mick had told the boys that they had finally slept together while at one of the infamous boys nights.

Jess told Kyle and Jackie O this morning that this was all completely fake. She claimed that her and Mick never slept together, but producers forced them to make it look like they had on the show so that it seemed like they were really trying in the experiment.


“You slept with him though right?” Kyle asked Jess about Mick this morning.

“No we didn’t,” Jess replied. “He went on the Today Show and said that we’d slept together on our Honeymoon night, and he got banned from publicity straight away… We weren’t even having sex.”

“The on air fight that we had to have,” Jess continued, “the producers were like, ‘You guys need to make something up because it doesn’t look plausible. It doesn’t look like you guys are even trying in this relationship.”

Jackie remembered the moment that Jess was talking about, bringing up how Jess got really mad at Mick for speaking about their intimate night together with the boys.

“You had a fight with him saying, ‘How could you tell them that. I wish you hadn’t told them’,” Jackie said. “So you’re telling me that that was not real?”

“No, that was all put on by producers,” Jess replied. “Could you really look at Mick as well going into a situation with his guy mates going, ‘Oh we finally did it last night’. It’s not Mick.”


But this wasn’t her only story line that the producers faked, according to Jess.

She has previously told us on the Kyle and Jackie O Show that they completely fabricated the moment that she was seen propositioning Cyrell’s onscreen husband Nic and reiterated this moment today.

“Also the Nic conversation on the couch was all set up as well,” she claimed. “The conversation where I was apparently propositioning Nic.

“A lot of it was all cut out… and I said, ‘Nic I’m not hitting on you I’m just genially telling you I think you’re a great guy and I think you deserve way better’. But they cut all that out.”

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Of course with reality TV, we have a feeling that there’s the producer’s version of reality, the contestant’s version of reality, and the truth is somewhere in the middle.

So who knows exactly what happened and how it came about, but we certainly know to take shows like MAFS with a grain of salt, knowing that things are heavily edited and can be taken out of context etc.

Hear more from our chat with Jessika Power in the video above!