While you’d think that it would take a while to move on from the literal sh*t that went on between Hayley and David during their marriage on Married At First Sight, it turns out Hayley is more than ready to turn the page.

Of course she’s still furious about David scrubbing a toilet with her toothbrush, and no doubt she will be forever, she told Kyle and Jackie O this morning that she’s moving on in more than one way.

Not only did Hayley tell us that she’s doing surprisingly okay since the whole toothbrush scandal went down, she’s also met someone new and is back to the dating scene!

“I would be scarred by that every time I do my teeth,” Jackie said to Hayley.

“I wouldn’t go that far,” Hayley replied. “I thought last night that I was going to get a bucket load of negative or abusive comments. I probably got one… to nine good positive responses from the Australian public.”

“His true colours have shone through so you know what, I’m actually in a really good place and I reckon that Australia’s actually a very good judge of who people are,” Hayley continued.


It’s so good to hear that Hayley is doing well after what happened to her. So well in fact that she’s ready to trust and date again.

“Have you kissed anyone since this has come to light on television?” Kyle asked.

“Of course I’ve kissed someone. I’m kind of seeing someone at the moment,” Hayley revealed.

Unfortunately we didn’t really get any of the details and there’s no evidence of a new relationship yet on her socials because no doubt she’s restricted by her MAFS contract.

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But we’re so happy to hear that Hayley is moving on and actually attempting to find the love of her life!


Don’t let a sh*t relationship get you down girl! Flush that guy away and move on!

Hear more from our chat with Hayley in the podcast below!