Well last night’s episode of MAFS was a bit of a weird one… It seemed like nothing really happened for most of the episode, then right at the end we were left with this absolute BOMBSHELL!

In case you missed it, last night was the infamous girls and boys nights that saw cast members that had already left the show come back for one last night on the town.

At both events Hayley and Michael’s cheating scandal was a massive topic of discussion, but it wasn’t the only cheating scandal that came to light…

Vanessa (who just so happened to witness the whole Hayley and Michael kissing debacle) told all of Australia right at the end that Stacey shouldn’t even care about whether Michael cheated or not, because she too has cheated!

And we were all just like, um what?!


Yep rumour has it that Stacey cheated on Michael with another MAFS contestant! And Hayley is more than happy to give us the details about it.

Hayley joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning to discuss last night’s episode when she claimed that Stacey did cheat on Michael.


“I don’t think you hear it on tonight’s episode but we got a bit of a foot in the door didn’t we” Hayley said about last night’s episode.

“They preempted that Stacey might have done the dirty behind Michael’s back the whole time that she’s trying to paint me for something that I’m not.”

She also claimed that the person she cheated with is Mikey, who has already left the show after things didn’t work out between him and his onscreen wife Natasha.


“With who? Who’s she supposedly cracking on with?” Kyle asked.

“Is it Mikey?” Jackie asked.

“Haven’t you been on Google guys?” Hayley joked, referencing the numerous rumours that have been floating around recently about Stacey and Mikey possibly hooking up.


Hayley said that not only will this come to light in the show, but she said that Mikey is willing to go as far as doing a lie detector test to prove that it happened!

“Yeah it’s Mikey,” Hayely admitted. “Stacey and someone else are pretty much trying to bring Mikey down at the moment and say that, you know, he’s a terrible person, that he’s got a bad character, that he’s making all this stuff up to stay in the spotlight and to totally defame Stacey.


“It’s utter bullsh*t,” Hayley continued. “Stacey just can’t stand on her own two feet and cop it on the chin and I’m pretty sure that Mikey’s going to do a lie detector test to prove that he did get a leg over Stacey.”




Of course this is all coming from the mouth of Hayley, who we’ll admit, is in a bit of a feud with Stacey so we guess we’ll have to wait and see if it actually does play out on the show.

But wild if true… Wild.


Hear exactly what Hayley told us in the podcast below!

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