It’s no doubt that Married At First Sight is one of the most intense reality TV shows you could ever be on. You are thrown into a pressure cooker with someone who is supposedly the love of yourself.

You also have to take on the experiment as a duo as you deal with the rest of the participants who are just as crazy as you are.

Yeah. It’s a lot.

But hey, the show does work! Look at Cam & Jules Merchant… the golden couple from last year are now married (like, for real) and are now expecting! Erin and Bryce from the 2016 season are also known to still be together too.

Have you watched the show and wondered if it was the answer to your happy-ever-after? Well, your chance has arrived.

Applications for season eight of the series have opened, asking people if they are ‘willing to put their heart on the line for a chance at finding their soulmate’.

It also clearly asks if you are willing to put your faith in the experts. Hmm!


Some of the rules including having to be over the age of 25, answering questions honestly and genuinely looking for love. Now, that could be a roadblock for some…

If you’re ready to step into the stage of your life or know someone who is, go here.

Hopefully, we’ll find true love blossom next year!

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