Love Island season two has literally been on TV for two nights so far and by the looks of things we’ve already got a Grant Crapp-sized scandal!

The ex-girlfriend of one of the reality TV stars for this season, 27-year-old Maurice Salib, has come out claiming that he dumped her so that he could go on the show.

Christie Swadling, who is a social media influencer, claims that Maurice dumped her just two weeks ago and that she had no idea that he would be going into the villa.

She took to her Youtube Channel to vent about it yesterday, saying that he had told her that he would be on an ad for Love Island, but not the actual show.

“So basically for the past two weeks yes I have been single, we did break it off,” she said. “But this guy’s been single for the past six months apparently. As you guys would have seen, we were actually dating during that time frame.

“I had no idea he was going on the dating show. He has come to me whilst we were together, saying that they asked him to go on the ad.”


Speaking with the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, Christie explained that she was in a real relationship with Maurice and that she had met his family.

“We were probably together for around four or five months actually and it was, like we were actually dating,” Christie told us. “I’ve seen the family, he had keys to my apartment…

“And we both knew when we were getting into it that we didn’t want anything to waste out time. We wanted a serious kind of thing. To me it makes no sense. He’s ended love to go find love on the show.”


Christie told us that she had met Maurice through his business as a content creation manager and said that she signed with him to manage her requests as an influencer.

“Basically he managed me, that’s how I met him, and then he has come to me and has said that, ‘I put work first and myself first and I can’t prioritise you at this moment’.

“Hence why I said in my video, like one, I was his job. So it didn’t make sense that he had to put his job first when I was his job.”

As her manager, Christie told us that she actually started to see some red flags in Maurice and question his intentions, saying that she actually suspected in the end that he was sabotaging her work.

She claims he was deliberately not replying to emails from people who wanted to work with her.


“He did a few things that made me question not only his work but him as a person,” she continued.”It’s like he was trying to sabotage me and my Instagram and my YouTube channel.

“He wanted followers and fame and I had that and he didn’t have that.”

After all of this, Christie said that she isn’t actually feeling sad about their break up. She’s just angry.

“He’s messed with the wrong person. I’m a Youtuber and you know if you stuff with us, we’ll make a video about you,” Christie said.

“Watching it, I’m not actually sad. I’m quite glad now after seeing his narcissistic behaviour on TV.”

Of course, the reality TV lover in us thinks it would be INCREDIBLE for Christie to head into Love Island as an intruder and confront Maurice, but she says that she wouldn’t do it and doesn’t want to stoop to his level.


After entering Love Island, Maurice was coupled up with Jessie and the pair seemed to hit it off straight away.

But it looks like she began to question his intentions, asking him on last night’s episode why he had chosen to go on the show.

“What do you want to get out of being here?” Jessie asked Maurice.

“So I haven’t been in a relationship for a while. I’m looking for love and obviously everything else is a perk,” he replied.

“What is everything else?” Jessie asked.


“Well you’re on a show, so there’s going to be publicity right.”

Jessie has since re-coupled with the new guy in the villa, Eoghan. So who knows how long Maurice will actually be there, especially if this information somehow makes it’s way into the villa…

Hear our full chat with Christie Swadling in the video above!

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