There’s no doubt that David Genat has gained a lot of fans during his time on Survivor.

The Golden God took out the title of sole survivor (and a nice $500,000 in prize money) during the All Stars finale last night, leaving pretty much all of Australia very happy.

So with that in mind, there’s not doubt that Survivor fans will be pleased to hear that we could be seeing more of the model on our TV screens very soon!

David joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning following his win, when Jackie and studio producer Shivering Adam, who are both mega fans of Survivor, said that they would love David to get himself a regular TV gig out of this!

“We’ve been talking off the air… He [Shivering Adam] and I have been having a lot of conversations about last night’s episode and how great you are,” Jackie told David.


“And then we started talking about how we think you could get into media after this and do something on TV.”

They even had some ideas for gigs he could go for, like segments on the Living Room or Studio 10 or even a role on Channel 10’s drama series Neighbours!

While this was just wishful thinking and speculating on our end, David did tell us that he has hired a manager after finishing up on Survivor and is in definitely weighing up his options right now.

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“What are your plans?” Kyle asked.


David told us that he’s just thankful to be happy and healthy during this tough time in the world at the moment, but that he’s had some offers coming through.

“I’m just kind of taking everything in stride at the moment,” David replied. “Obviously the ‘rona [coronavirus] has put a bit of a damper on most people’s spirits so I’m just happy to be healthy and have some money to sit back on for a bit.

“But yeah, some interesting things are coming through. I’ve signed a new manager… and we’re looking at offers and yeah, just enjoying being in this position.”

We already have Locky Gilbert as our new bachelor! Imagine how good it will be if David gets a TV gig out of this too? Survivor will be taking over Channel 10!


But of course if TV doesn’t workout, David said he’s happy with radio! In fact, he offered to fill in for Kyle if he ever needed it, and Jackie was CERTAINLY on board!

Hear more from our chat with David Genat in the podcast below!

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