It’s been rumoured for a while now and last night on Married At First Sight we saw the first glimpse of a cheating scandal between Michael Goonan and Hayley Vernon.

The rumours were that Michael and Hayley shared a kiss while hanging out with fellow contestants Vanessa and Chris, despite being married to other people on the show.

While the night wasn’t shown on camera, during last night’s episode Hayley’s onscreen husband David told the camera that he’d heard a rumour his wife had been messing around with Michael during a wild night out or drinking and partying.

He wasn’t too upset though, saying in the piece-to-camera that this meant that he’d finally be able to leave the experiment.

While we’re sure that more will come from this cheating scandal during tonight’s dinner party episode as no doubt word will get out to Michael’s wife Stacey, today we’re getting a little more insight into what actually occurred on the night of the cheating.

Leaked footage of Michael and Hayley appears to show the pair getting close and flirtatious while on a break from filming.


The footage obtained by the Daily Mail shows Hayley sitting while Michael gets up really close to her and puts his hands on her face, as if he’s leaning in for a kiss or moving away after already kissing.

The pair appear to be getting up close and personal with each other in what looks like a hotel room.

Hayley can then be heard saying, “They’re filming! Stop it, Stacy is going to kill me!”

A woman behind the camera replies saying, “No not even. Go Mikey, go Mikey!”

This video comes after Michael confirmed to TV Week that he cheated on his onscreen wife Stacey during a night of partying.


“We were all joking and having a laugh. We were mucking around with the phone and were like, ‘Oh how funny would it be if this got out?’” he told the publication.

“We were fully clothed, just being stupid, being loose, having fun, not really understanding the implications of what rumours can do to your life.”

Vanessa, who is believed to have been there at the time of the cheating, told New Idea that Michael is the one who instigated a kiss with Hayley.

“Hayley said, ‘My husband doesn’t want to f**k me.’ Michael [then] turned around and said, ‘I would f**k you both’,” Vanessa recalled.

Oh dear… Another MAFS season another cheating scandal. No doubt tonight’s Dinner Party is going to be EXPLOSIVE if this all comes out…


Married At First Sight continues at 7:30pm tonight on Channel Nine.

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