If there’s one thing the King of the Jungle knows how to do, it’s blindsiding people on Survivor.

After all, Luke Toki was one of the biggest play makers on this season of the show. Which is ultimately why he became such a big target and was eventually voted out during last night’s tribal council.

Luke joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning to chat about his time in the competition when he revealed one of his tactics when it came to pulling off a blindside.

And turns out it actually happened at the last minute during the votes at tribal council!

It all came about when Jackie asked Luke if they could ever hear who each other was voting for when they did their little piece to camera while voting. Turns out you can and Luke would sometimes do this on purpose!


“One question I have watching the tribal council is when you guys go to vote and then you have to say something to cameras like, ‘Oh sorry Luke, I had no choice’, can you guys ever hear what they’re saying?” Jackie asked.

“Only if you say it loud enough,” Luke replied. “So I did it a few times but I did one where ET, so ET thought he was going home and I went up there and I was like, ‘Oh spewing I didn’t go fishing with you ET’, hella loud so he thought he was going home.

“And he’s like, ‘You said it too loud. I could hear you.’ So he thought he was going home. But I did that just to screw with him.”

What a cheeky bugger!

“So you can play on people’s brains and mind. You use all the tools you have to blindside people, play people,” he added.

Taking note for if we ever sign up for Survivor… Although that whole no food and no shower thing doesn’t really sit well with us.


Hear more from our chat with the Survivor legend in the video above!

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