This season of The Bachelor is about to come to an end with our Bachie Matt Agnew set to make his big decision at the final rose ceremony TONIGHT!

But who will win? The loveable Chelsie? Or the sultry Abbie?

While this whole season we’ve been convinced that Chelsie had this in the bag, last night’s NSFW date with Matt and Abbie has us confused once more. (We guess it depends whether he chooses to follow his heart or his… you know…)

In case you missed it, or you needed to overt your eyes during the episode, Abbie and Matt had a full on make out sesh in the ocean which led to them practically dry humping on the sand.

This was followed up with Abbie telling matt that she really wanted to have sex with him and that she was “really horny”.


Turns out we weren’t the only ones completely shell-shocked by this behaviour! Helena, who was evicted during the rose ceremony last night, joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning when she told us her opinion on the pretty R rated scene.

“What did you make of Abbie and Matt grinding away on the beach?” Jackie asked Helena.

“To be honest, I didn’t really watch that no,” Helena said, sounding like she was still shocked by the scene.

“I saw it in the promos and I just knew to just, like, yeah…”


But while Helena didn’t watch, she did hear and she almost died when she heard Abbie tell Matt just how horny she was.

“I heard the ‘I’m so horny’ and I actually nearly fell,” Helena continued. “There’s also like 20 cameras around you. I was like, ‘No!’.

Despite Abbie practically throwing herself at Matt, Helena is still convinced that sweet, innocent Chelsie will come out on top.

“Who’s going to win in your opinion?” Jackie asked.

“I’m actually really torn but I think it could be Chelsie,” she said. “I think Chelsie’s wifey.”

Well we guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens tonight when the Bachelor Finale airs at 7:30pm on Channel 10!


Hear more from our chat with Helena in the video above!