I spend 50% of my life convincing people around me to watch ‘Lego Masters’ because it’s one of the best shows on television at the moment.

Reality competition based television without fame-hungry contestants but rather wholesome, passionate and creative individuals who are honestly just a JOY to watch.

Who doesn’t love watching people babble on about something they love?

Also the epic things they make out of Lego will take your breath away!

On Sunday, Lego Masters’ host Hamish Blake uploaded an Insta story giving us a tiny peek into the upcoming season.

“Finished filming S3 LEGO Master”, he captioned with an insane mess of Lego on the floor behind him.


If you look at the left corner of the picture, the comedian has had to censor something out… What could it be?

Probably the winning build?

The show has been rating really well on Channel Nine and it set to air in the upcoming months.

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