Last week one of the biggest pieces of TV gossip circling around was that hit reality show Big Brother could be making a comeback.

The rumour started after the Herald Sun’s Colin Vickery put out a Tweet, saying that Channel 7 was trying to get the rights to the show in order to bring in a younger audience.

After the tweet was posted, it’s fair to say that Aussies everywhere were definitely in support of the idea with many people posting their excitement for a Big Brother comeback on social media.

But could the rumours have any truth to them? Former host of Big Brother and more recently a Masked Singer Australia contestant, Gretel Killeen, joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning when she addressed the rumours.


She told us that she definitely thought that there was room for Big Brother to hop back on the scene in Australia as it is so different from all other reality TV shows out there at the moment.

“I think the essence of Big Brother is brilliant because when we first started that show it was about just watching humans interact,” Gretel told us this morning. “Without interference, just seeing what humans do.

“And that is fantastic. It wasn’t, ‘Who’s going to win?’. It was just let’s see what relationships form and how people pass their time and converse.”

“And I think watching ourselves is something we can actually learn from now,” she continued. “I think this is a time of analysis and introspection and redefining our values so I think it would be a hoot.”

While Gretel thinks that Big Brother would be a rewarding show for Aussies to both participate in and watch in this current time, she thinks that it would be incredibly hard to cast it.


“I guess the question is… that reality TV can attract a different type of person now who wants to be famous, so perhaps that level of purity, maybe the time has passed,” Gretel said.

“But maybe that’s a matter of casting and redefining what the value system is and what people are trying to achieve from it.”

Gretel explained that this is part of the reason why she decided to participate in The Masked Singer Australia because it was redefining what reality TV is today.

“I think looking at ourselves is brilliant and one of the reasons I think Masked Singer is fantastic is it’s a game, it’s not a competition,” she added. “There’s no winners or losers, it’s just ‘wow they’re giving it a go’. And I think that’s a really beautiful message for everyone. Give it a go.

“Have a sense of humour about yourself, it really doesn’t matter. You fall on your arse you do whatever. You’re giving it a go and that’s what we need to give a big tick to,” Gretel concluded.

We DEFINITELY think it’s time for Big Brother to make a comeback!


Hear more from our chat with Gretel Killeen in the video above!

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