ICYMI, one of our fav TV game shows, Family Feud, is making a comeback very soon on Channel 10 in a bid to help those who have been working tirelessly to fight COVID-19.

Each episode will feature doctors, nurses, paramedics, fire fighters, teachers and more, along with three team mates, as they attempt to guess how other people would answer questions with the hopes of winning up to $100,000.

Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning, host of the show Grant Denyer said that these upcoming episodes are going to be really special.

“This is a great show and I think this is a good time to do it,” Grant told us. “Particularly to celebrate the frontline workers, whether it be like nurses or doctors or also families that have been financially decimated by COVID.

“We’ve seen households that have lost entire incomes. So we’re opening the doors and saying look, if you love the show and you didn’t get on last time come and play it now and you can win $100,000.”

For those not familiar with the format of the show, each team is asked a question and they have to name the top answers that people have said in a survey. The more answers they get right, the more points they gain and the closer they get to winning the prize money.

Grant told us this morning that they’re definitely keen to help people win as much money as possible! And to do so he gave everyone a tip for the best way to do so.


“As you know, we make it pretty easy to win, which is good because we want it to be in reach” Grant said.

So what’s the secret to winning on Family Feud? Apparently all you’ve got to do is throw away all your ‘book smarts’ and really dumb it down!

“In fact, the smarter you are the worse you play,” he told us.

“Yeah I remember you saying that,” Jackie said. “You gotta think about what the average person is going to say and what they’re going to answer with, so don’t get to smart with it.”

“Yep to prove a point, the worst player in history of Family Feud was Waleed Aly,” Grant joked.

So basically if you do happen to get on the show, just remember not to try and sound super smart with your answers! Really dumb it down and go with the most basic and more common responses, because they are more likely to be the same answers that the majority of a survey will give!


Thanks for the tip Grant! If you want to apply for Family Feud, you can do so now online!

Hear more from our chat with Grant Denyer in the podcast below!

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