Okay guys, I mean they probably won’t say it but I will.

You have to be that very specific type of HOT hot to be on this show.

I’m talkin’ very very low fat %, flawless skin, skin- tanned (obviously), teeth- whitened (obviously), long legs, some sort of 6-8 pack situation if you’re a dude.

So like, without being rude, most of us are out immediately.

The show’s Instagram account revealed how casting is being done a little differently this year.

“Couple up with #LoveIslandAU on @tinderau and if we like what we see, your profile could be fast tracked direct to the Love Island Casting Team”

It’s as easy as swiping right on Tinder!



If you don’t have Tinder, just apply the old fashion way here:

But be warned… criteria is two things: SINGLE and must must must be ‘SEXY’.

No sex appeal? Get the hell outta here, this ain’t for you!


The casting notice reads, ‘Do you have the smile, sex appeal and sass it takes to be an Islander?’

(I wonder how actual Islander people feel about that descriptor)

“If you are sexy, young AND SINGLE, aged 19 – 32, and ready to join ‘Love Island’, Apply Here…. And remember, you must be warm, honest, open and truly looking for love.”

The cut off is 32?!?! When they say young they mean it!


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