The last season literally JUST ended less than a month ago and Channel 7 have already revealed their next line up.

Ready to meet the five lucky true blue lads looking for love in a pandemic riddled world?

First off, meet Farmer Matt, 26 and a beef farmer, VIC.

He’s young but don’t let that fool you, he’s mature for his age, a hard worker and “100% ready to give this a red hot crack.”

“She would have a great personality, loves a laugh, and is family-orientated.”

“To love someone is very special… So I’m ready to kick life off!”


Meet Farmer Sam, a 24 year old from NSW who runs a sheep and crop farm.

“I’m a fun, loving, caring guy,” and apparently very family orientated coming from a typical Italian family

I reckon Sam’s my favourite, because he can admit he loves Harry Styles and still is the manliest man I’ve seen.

When asked about his favourite music, Farmer Sam replied “Bit of everything, ‘One Direction’ goes pretty hard. Love you Harry.”

No, love you Sam. love you.


Heeeeere’s Farmer Pete! A 29 year old crop farmer from Queensland.

I’m giving him points for his bright and bold choice of shirt, but no genuinely, he seems SO SWEET.

“Ya know, take a lady out and see who can skim a rock best across the water… yeah look I can be a bit of a hopeless romantic…I’ve been known to lash out with a bottle of wine and a few rose petals.”

You’re sweet and shy sir, you’re going to do great!


Now here’s the very charming looking lad, Farmer Rob, 40 years old, cattle farmer from the gorgeous Snowy Mountains!

Real Estate! Real Estate! Real Estate!

He’s looking for a confident strong person who loves an adventure.

“I’m not trying to make someone else happy, I’m in the game to make someone else happier.”


Words from a wise man!

Last and certainly not least, Farmer Will, 39 years old and running a sheep and cattle farm in Victoria.

“Love at first sight? I do believe it. I’ve really only dated one girl and I had it then.”



I can’t tell if this is strange or adorable, but Farmer Will, we’re excited to meet you.

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