Those who watched the latest series of Selling Sunset, listen up.

You might remember the property listed with Davina for the astounding price of $75 million that wouldn’t sell because it was so hideously overpriced?

It was a huge storyline in season three of the show which the inner-office drama of the Oppenheim Group’s real estate brokerage firm in LA.

Owned by Bond villain Adnan Sen, the ultra-modern 9 bedroom, 12 bathroom 18,000 square-foot pad sits on just one acre of land with no view.

Adnan’s asking price was $75m, which a total of none of Davina’s colleagues thought it was worth it – to the point that Davina’s boss didn’t want the brokerage to list it as it was so inflated. But Davina fought for it, so the agency reluctantly took it on.

To make matters worse, Adnan wanted it sold within three months.

Well, almost two years since then… it’s still on the market.


So what’s going on?

One agent told Vice, “It’s fake”.

“If I said that to one of my clients in public, I’d be fired,” they said. “They would’ve said, ‘OK, we need to create this drama, and that’s what’s going to sell the house and that’s how we’re going to get exposure.’ Who in their right mind would say that? That’s a perfect example of a script.”

Legit or not, I’m amped to see this $75m white elephant make a cameo again in season four.

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