WARNING: The below contains spoilers from The Bachelorette season finale

After weeks of dates, country lingo and bromances, we’ve finally come to the finish line – who have Becky and Elly chosen to spend the rest of their lives with?

Both of their potential suitors bring their own unique qualities to the table and this one was going to be a real toss up!

First up, we have Becky who was weighing up a life with a man who was coming out of a marriage, Pete or another suitor who was many years younger than her, Adrian.

In the end, Becky chose stability and went with Pete! Nawww.


Next up, her sister Elly was ready to make her tough choice. Would she choose to rekindle the flame with Joey who she had a spark with before her Bachie journey, or would she take a leap of faith with the dashing Frazer?

Now, we did get a glimpse of Elly’s decision saga prior to the finale in the teaser. She was a total mess in the commercial and boy, we were definitely strapped in for a rollercoaster ride!

Elly made her choice… Frazer! However, she first said an emotional, private (well, not PRIVATE) goodbye to Joey in his room to explain her reasons why. It was quite an emotional moment.


Then, at the traditional commitment ceremony, Elly confessed her feelings to Frazer. How sweet!

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