Ever since it was confirmed that Network 10 was bringing back hit reality TV show The Amazing Race Australia we’ve been SO KEEN for it to hit our screens!

Up until now, all we really knew about the show was that Beau Ryan would be hosting the race around the world and that it would be coming soon!

But it turns out that the filming has just wrapped up and Beau headed practically straight from the airport to the Kyle and Jackie O studios to give us all of the exclusive details from behind-the-scenes!

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Beau told us that they’d practically been to every corner of the world in the past five weeks and he reckons that they didn’t take it easy on the couples participating in the show whatsoever!

In fact, he reckons it’s one of the toughest reality shows out there because it takes a toll on you both physically and mentally.


“Physically it is hard because you’ve got to sleep sometimes on the ground and get up and be at airpots and miss flights and argue,” Beau told us.

“What would be harder doing Survivor or The Amazing Race?” Jackie asked.

“Surely Survivor,” Brooklyn chimed in.

But Beau reckons that all of the travel that’s involved in his show in such a small amount of time make’s The Amazing Race a lot more tough!

“I’m arguing with people at Channel 10 now, because Survivor you’re based, you’re in a base, you know what you’re doing you know where you are,” Beau told us. “It’s the same with I’m A Celebrity. They’re away for a lot longer but they’re stuck in one spot.

“Like we’re getting knocks on the door and you’ve got to be in Kenya in an hour and that’s hard… When you’re doing it with your partner or someone that you love and you race overseas, I think it’s more of a test. That’s my opinion.”


Beau also told us about some of the couples that are participating in the Race this season, and by the sounds of things there’s some serious drama in store!

“After being away for five weeks and seeing it, I picked my favourite teams when the show started but I was wrong,” Beau told us. “Because it’s more decision making and staying calm and being patient.

“And if you do it with your partner, be ready to renew your vows or get divorced when you land because that will happen. Everyone goes psycho.”

As for when it will air, Beau told us that it’s coming VERY soon!

“We’re trying to get mine ready for November or the end of October so about a month,” he revealed.

We can’t wait! The Amazing Race Australia is just what we need to fill the Survivor shaped hole in our life.

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