No doubt SAS season 1 was an absolute hit, but how’s everyone feeling about season 2?

There is some gold to be found, but in general, I feel like the cast is a little less balanced than it was last year.

The funny moments of having reality stars were a great relief against the professional athletes and recruits who took it so seriously.

It was cool to see a different side to local legends like The Honey Badger and Merrick Watts but almost everyone in season 2 is super fit, ex olympian athletes?

So now that Brynne Edelsten left in episode one, it’s a little one-dimensional?

But the So! Dramatic podcast reported that the following reality stars allegedly were RUMOURED to have applied to be part of the show, and personally, I would have LOVED to watch them on our screens sprinkled in the mix!

  1. Home & Away/Neighbours actress Jodi Gordon 
  2. Ex-Home & Away Star Luke Jacobz
  3. Survivor Star/Ex-Bachelor Locky Gilbert
  4. Ex-Bachelorette/Bachie In Paradise Ciarran Stott
  5. Ex-MAFS Jessika Power
  6. Ex-MAFS Ines Basic
  7. Ex-MAFS Michael Brunelli
  8. Ex-Bachie Todd King
  9. Love Island/The Block twins Josh & Luke Packham
  10. Influencer Sophie Cachia

I’m taking this list with a PILE of salt, because it looks like someone just collated the list of people who would be hilarious/interesting on the show…

BUT that being said, it’s a good list.

Locky Gilbert has already proven his physical prowess when he dominated challenges in his season of Survivor and Michael Brunelli literally runs a fitness business so he’s definitely up for the challenge.

Ciarran Stott is fit too, but I can imagine he wouldn’t be able to handle the authority the 4 instructors dominate over the recruits and he’d be the next Firass Dirani in terms of a cheeky, rebellious type.

It’d be easy to assume that Jessica Power and Ines Basic would be there to laugh at, but I’m actually under the impression that they’re both incredibly fit and would surprise us at boot camp.

The show would be a perfect opportunity for both of them to ‘redeem’ their image in the public eye.


I’m not saying put them ALL in the show, but 1 or 2 scattered in the cast would give me a real incentive to tune in.


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