We’re about to head into another season of the Bachie franchise with Angie Kent set to begin her journey as The Bachelorette tonight!

And of course the one thing that we ALWAYS want to know now before we head into a new season and get invested in it, is ‘are they going to pick someone’?

We still have trust issues following Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season where he picked none of the girls in the final episode…

But fear not, because Angie’s season is certainly going to be different! Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning she confirmed that she is still with her chosen man after filming has finished!

When asked if she knew that her chosen man was ‘the one’ from the get go, Angie didn’t want to give away too much but she did say ‘I believe so’.


She also told us how hard it’s been to keep her chosen man a secret from the entire world.

“It’s been pretty full throttle since I finished filming anyway so I’ve been keeping myself quite busy,” Angie said. “But it’s hard because you want to share it with everybody and you want to talk about it with your friends and family but you can’t.

“I find it hard [to keep secret] so I don’t want to put pressure on anyone else to keep that secret,” Angie continued. “Only my mum knows.”

While Matt Agnew was quick to tell everyone that he had saved his chosen woman under the name ‘Rose’ in his phone, Angie wasn’t giving this much away!

“I could have a code word, I could have an emoji, I could have anything,” she said.


While there’s lots of secrecy involved, Angie did tell us that she’s very happy with her fella.

When asked what his annoying qualities were, Angie told us that he didn’t have any! And she sounded very smitten while doing so.

“This sounds so corny and coming out of my mouth it makes me want to cringe cause I’ve never been so soppy in my life but he actually doesn’t have any annoying qualities,” Angie said.

“No he’s so beautiful! He’s the bees knees! I’m very happy.”

Well we’ll be keeping our eyes out for the least annoying guy when The Bachelorette kicks off tonight on Channel 10 at 7:30pm!


Hear more from our chat with Angie in the video above!

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