First there was the connection between Britney Spears and Doc Antle and now this?

The private zoo world really is…shady and has all their fingers in all the pies. 

If you haven’t watched the doco series, do it.

If you have, read on good people.

Joe’s “husband” the lovable John Finlay went on David Spade’s Lights Out and confirmed this story.

You may not recognise John because he has all his little teeth now and is actually happy and healthy!

We’re so happy for him.


Apparently, Finlay said on the show, he and Joe Exotic never legally wed so he wasn’t TECHNICALLY his husband.

“One of the previous managers had gotten us Michael Jackson’s alligators from Neverland Ranch….” he said.

Neverland was ordered to be shut down in 2008 when Jackson apparently was not paying his employees nor his insurance. 

The alligators and crocodiles were then moved to Joe Exotic’s private zoo where they were killed in 2015 in a fire that consumed their housing. 

The documentary leads us to believe that it was an inside job by Exotic himself, it’s a horrific shame that animals were tortured in the process.

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