Everyone who loves The Block, which let’s face it, is pretty much everyone, knows the name Scott Cam. He’s the larrikan tradie we’ve all come to know and love as the host of the hit renovating show.

But many fans of the TV presenter may be shocked to find out that his name isn’t actually Scott Cam! Yep, it turns out that even Aussie celebs sometimes change their names for a life of fame.

Following in the footsteps of people like Katy Perry and Emma Stone, it’s been revealed that Scotty has actually used a shortened version of his last name during his TV stints and has been doing so since his career began in 1999 back on Backyard Blitz.

While of course Scott is his real first name, the carpenter turned entertainment personality’s last name is actually Caminetti.

It’s not known why 55-year-old chose to use the shortened version ‘Cam’ for his life in the media but if we had to assume we would say that, like many Hollywood stars’ chosen stage names, it’s short, succinct and easier to remember.

Scott Cam revealed in his biography the moment that his television career began after someone approached him for an audition at a pub.

“Initially I thought he was joking and said, ‘No, I’m right thanks mate!’ Anyway it turns out he was legit, I did the screen test and got the job.”


Cam’s breakout show Backyard Blitz ran for seven years until it was cancelled in 2006. He went on to do a number of renovation shows with Channel Nine including Our Place, Domestic Blitz and Renovation Rescue.

In 2010, he was signed on to The Block after former host Jamie Durie didn’t sign on for the show’s third season. This role earned Scott several Logie award nominations and two wins, including Most Popular Presenter and the Gold Logie for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television in 2014.

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