As soon as we saw Amy Shark’s latest Instagram post we were instantly keen to know more!

The Aussie singer posted a number of photos of her and none other than Ed Sheeran holding their guitars and clearly working on something pretty special.

“Spent some time overseas writing songs with my new English friend Ed,” Amy wrote in the caption. “I know I have been quiet on the topic of new music but I can today let you know that this shark is about to start circling.”


So how did this collab come about? Well it turns out that another Aussie legend is responsible for hooking Amy and Ed up for a writing session.


Amy Shark joined KIIS FM’s Mitch to Midnight when she revealed that her good buddy Russell Crowe (what a name drop by the way) set up the meeting!

“I think he was made aware of me through Russell Crowe,” Amy revealed to Mitch. “And I feel like a real bitch dropping all these names but Russell’s like, he’s been a real, he’s just been supporting me and really championed all my music.

“I think he said some stuff to Ed and then Ed sent me an email saying, ‘Next time you’re in the UK let’s get in the studio’, and I was like, ‘Oh, okay!’. What is my life!”

Look like if there’s one mega fan you want in the music industry it’s Russell blooming Crowe, right?!

Amy went on to tell us what it was like to get into the music booth with Ed while also confirming, albeit rather subtly, that there will be something released sometime soon.

“The second that he invited me to come and write with him, that’s when you drop everything you’re doing and you go and do that,” Amy explained.


“I’m a huge fan of his and everything about him. He was everything that I wanted him to be and not only have we got some really sort of exciting stuff that we worked on, it’s like a great friend that I’ve made in him and his wife actually as well.”

“We’ve definitely got some stuff that we’ve worked on,” Amy added.

Amazing but ugh, we need MORE DETAILS AMY! When is it coming? What’s it called? Is it another Ed Sheeran classic love song? Give us something!

No matter what, how exciting that our Aussie girl Amy is now bestie with Ed Sheeran! First Russell Crowe and now Ed? Just imagine what their dinner parties would be like! Jealous…

Hear more from our chat with Amy Shark in the podcast below!

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