Does this look like the face of a winner? 

As the US Presidential Election is being finalised, both sides are preparing to celebrate (or join together to commiserate) but there’s a certain dessert that caught our eye heading to Trump’s “victory party”. 

A cake version of the man himself was seen being wheeled into the Hilton where Trump is holding his election night party. 

Two things that stand out to us:

The fact that even his cake version has a horrific fake tan look. 

Secondly, even cake Trump doesn’t look like he expects to win today’s election. 


What do you think? 

The ‘artwork’ allegedly took over 50 hours to make and would cost US$7,000 (AUS$9,100) but this specific cake was donated.

For those wondering… the flavour was chocolate. 

We wonder what part he will eat first?

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