Footage of a truck refusing to let a car merge into its lane in a Sydney tunnel is doing the rounds online today.

The video, which was captured on the dash camera of a car (with KIIS1065 playing the background) is said to perfectly portray what it’s like to drive – and merge – in Sydney.

The footage shows the large truck and Toyota driving alongside each other vying for a position in front.

As the Toyota goes to merge, the truck refuses to let it in, speeding up and even hitting the car before it turns away, scared of being hit again. While the truck seemingly could have easily avoided the crash by slowing down to let the car in, his determination not to has been a source of controversy.


More than 160,000 people have viewed the video in the 10 hours since it was posted to prominent Facebook page Dash Cam Owners Australia.

Many people have praised the truck, saying that he had the right to stand his ground. ‘All these people saying the truck should let the car in and what ever else is the reason why these accidents happen,’ he commented. ‘

These dumb car drivers just think ‘He will see me and let me in’, well no we can’t always see you when your trying to squeeze in.’

But others weren’t as impressed saying the truck should have done more to avoid an accident, regardless of whether the driver of the car had pushed in.

‘Regardless of who has right of way, the truck driver at no point avoided the collision and in fact knew exactly what he was doing and the consequences what would occur because of his negligence,’ another man wrote.

‘What if there was a child in the vehicle?’