Tonight on the Bachelor it is Alex Nations chance to shine.

And it’s going to be awkward.

Thursday night’s episode will see Richie and Alex get half naked in a chocolate-filled bath together.

In a preview airing of the episode, Alex is seen saying ‘’’We’ve made huge progress in our relationship this evening.’’

Richie seems to love the date, presaging the bath to Alex before inviting her in to enjoy what could be the most awkward date.

In the promo, the couple does not seem to be wearing any clothes and are seen sharing an intimate moment as they are drinking Champagne.


It’s all starting to heat up for Alex, who has already dismissed intruder Steph Dixon as a threat because she is ‘one of the boys.’

‘I think Steph’s fun, but I don’t think she’s Richie’s girl,’ said Alex after the stunning petrolhead scored a single date with Bachelor Richie.

The tattooed former teen mum continued: ‘I think they’d make great friends, and he’d be able to call her up for a beer.’’

On their previous date, Richie has taken Alex shopping, before having her serenaded  as they danced on a rooftop after high tea.

Of course, it was followed by a kiss.

The Bachelor continues on Channel Ten, Thursday at 7:30 PM

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