You know that awkward moment at the beginning of a relationship when people ask if your new beau could be “the one”?

Well that just happened to Tom Hiddleston… over Taylor Swift.

As you can imagine, it was all kinds of awkward.

With the new couple staying on the Gold Coast as Hiddleston prepares to film Thor, Australia is officially on peak Hiddleswift watch.

And it seems we’ve officially lost our cool.

So when Hiddleston emerged from their hotel for an afternoon jog, he found himself the target of some very awkward questions about his new relationship.

From “Is Taylor Swift ‘the one’?” to “How much does Taylor need a vacation?” no topic was off limits.


As you can imagine, his response was rather cringeworthy to say the least…

It’s almost as bad as when they were asked if the relationship was for publicity when they first arrived…


Makes you feel thankful our own relationships only have to pass the scrutiny of that nosy aunt!


h/t Buzzfeed; Top Photo: Getty / Ten News

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