Tom Cruise is known for his kick-ass action films and looks like his next one could be seriously out of this world… Like, we mean literally!

While Cruise is still in the process of filming the seventh Mission Impossible film, he’s already thinking about what’s next and according to reports, he’s working on a movie that would be shot in outer space.

Because of course he is…

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Deadline is reporting that Tom has teamed up with Elon Musk and his Space X ship to make the first ever action film shot outside earth!


Musk has reportedly enlisted the help of NASA to help make the movie, although it’s believed to be in very early stages with no studio involvement at this stage.

It’s a cool idea we guess when you think about it, but it will seriously come with challenges. Like hello, zero gravity? Oh and also the whole no oxygen thing. Seems a bit dangerous just to make a movie when you could just be using special effects if you ask us. But each to their own!

While Star Wars starts off by saying, “In a galaxy far, far away”, it seems to Cruise’s action movie could mean this quite literally if they’re successful, making it a film for the Hollywood record books.

Crazy stuff!

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