If you caught the Kyle and Jackie O show yesterday, you would have heard all about three-year-old Jax, who’s parents discovered he had a rare brain tumour, after he began acting out-of-character earlier this year.

Due to the specifics of Jax’s case, not all of the tumour can be removed safely and chemotherapy is unlikely to improve the outcome but his mum says “we are praying for a miracle, please do the same.”

The gorgeous little boy has been receiving treatment for the last few months at Westmead Children’s Hospital – and that’s precisely where Kyle and Jackie O, with the help of Vodafone Australia, wanted to surprise him and his family.

Yesterday Intern Pete, armed with his Paw Patrol pals, made their way to the hospital, with the mission of surprising Jax and his family.

He was ECSTATIC to see his favourite Paw Patrol pals turn up with a beautiful cake, and his parents were thrilled when Kyle and Jackie O let them know they (with the help of Vodafone Australia) would be donating $10,000 to Jax’s GoFundMe page, with the help of generous Sydneysiders, bringing him to his goal of $100,000.


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