Whether you believe in supernatural forces or not, sometimes spooky things happen.

Parents Gareth Hood and Charlene were filming their one year old daughter in front of the television this week as she played peek-a-boo before something very strange happened.

“We were filming her (Lexi) as a bit of a memento because she was doing peek-a-boo and she thought we couldn’t see her when she covered her eyes,” Mr Hood told The Mirror.

“(All of a sudden) she just went shooting back,” Mr Hood said.

“Her arms went out to the side and she went back, as if she has been pushed or pulled.”

Mr Hood said that while Lexi looked “sturdy on her feet” she all of a sudden fell over in an unusual fashion before saying “naughty boy” as if telling someone off.

While young kids do topple over on a regular basis, the footage (below) does look like Lexi could have been pushed or pulled down.

In the aftermath, the strange circumstances have both Gareth and Charlene on edge.

“When you hear creaks as the house is settling down we are thinking about it more and I keep looking at everything twice,” said Mr Hood.

“We can’t walk past an empty room without taking a look in now.” 

Thankfully Lexi was not hurt in the fall.

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