Todd Carney is no stranger to the headlines when it comes to his career, but earlier this year he found his name all over the tabloids thanks to his love life.

Back when the last explosive season of Married at First Sight was still on air, it was rumoured that Todd Carney may be dating one of the more controversial contestants, Susie Pearl.

After MAFS finished airing, the pair came out and confirmed that the news was true, making things Insta official with a selfie. Ever since, their couple shots have been a dime a dozen on the social media platform.

But how did their romance actually start? And are things getting serious? Todd Carney spilled all the deets on his relationship with Susie while speaking with the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning.

Todd told us that when they first started seeing each other and this was published in the media, he received tons of backlash as she was still supposed to be “married” on the reality show.


“I met Susie in January, well after filming was done, and I got a fair bit of backlash from it because a lot of people, when they watch TV, they think it’s live,” Todd explained.

“I’m getting messages going, ‘How can you do this to Billy?’, like she’s cheating on him. The show was over, but I don’t think people understood that.”

As for how they first met, Todd told us that he actually did the sneaky slide into her Dms on insta!

“Where’d you meet her?” Kyle asked.

“Instagram,” Todd laughed. “It was ‘like’ for ‘like’ for a while and then I think I had a couple of beers one weekend and I slid into her DMs and yeah, we caught up.

“I think pretty much since then we’ve had not a weekend away from each other.”


Sounds like Todd and Susie are pretty smitten! In fact, Todd actually admitted that he’s in love!

“Have you said, ‘I love you Susie?’” Kyle asked.

“Yeah,” Todd answered with a smile. “I asked her on Valentine’s Day if she would be my girlfriend… And that’s when we started dating I guess.

“But the show was still on then, but we were sneaking away in the hotels and stuff.”

As for what it’s like to date Susie, all of Australia seemed to get the idea that she was a tough lady to please while watching her on MAFS. On the show she would be seen yelling and practically belittling her onscreen hubby Billy for every little thing that he did.

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But Todd told us that this is no more than a case of bad editing and that he’s never seen this side of her in real life before.

“They brought her out to be a crazy witch,” Todd said. “I don’t know. I even spoke to her mum about it and her mum said, ‘I’ve never heard her speak to anyone like it’. So maybe it was just the small snippets.”

Well regardless, I think we can all agree that Susie and Billy just weren’t right for each other. But it looks like Susie has found her perfect match now with Todd!

Hear more from our chat with Todd Carney in the video above!