Todd Carney and Susie Bradley from the most recent season of Married At First Sight have been through the ringer quite recently in terms of their relationship!

While it looked like they were going strong for a while there, just a few weeks ago it was revealed that the pair had split after the pair unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted couple pics.

No reason was given for the split which only lasted about a week before they got back together.

While They’re Back Together Now, Todd Carney Told Kyle And Jackie O About His Breakup With Susie From MAFS

So why did they split up in the first place? Todd joined Kyle and Jackie O on the air this morning to shed some light on the brief break up.

Todd firstly confirmed that he and Susie are in fact back together.


“I”m hard work sometimes but yeah I’m a good boy,” Todd told us. “Yeah we’re back on it’s all sorted, it’s all good now.”

“So what happened originally for it to break off?” Jackie asked.

“I’m hard work sometimes and Susie doesn’t agree with some things I do and yeah she obviously got sick of it for a little bit,” Todd explained.

“But it all worked out which is all good now. We’re official still. She was disappointed at the time but we worked things out.”

So what is this “hard work” that Todd mentioned? Well by the sounds of it, it seems he was hanging out and partying with the boys just a tad too much, which clearly wouldn’t have impressed Susie seeing as she is a single mother and is likely looking for a man to settle down with her little family.

“What makes you hard work then?” Jackie asked.


“I’m still yet to answer that myself,” Todd told us. “I’m a bit stubborn at times I guess. .. I like to spend time with my mates and might get a bit caught up in-between a new relationship. It wears thin.”

But thankfully Todd and Susie have managed to work out their problems and move back on with their romance!

Hear more from our chat with Todd in the video above.

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