Welcome to December 11, otherwise known as ‘Break-Up Day’.

This truly uplifting news comes after statisticians gathered Facebook status updates which featured splitting up.

Sure, the ‘peak break-up times’ info was mapped in 2008, but it seems pretty consistent with human nature, according to relationship expert, Simone Milasas.

“Being so close to Christmas people don’t want to spend the holidays with someone they are uncertain about,” she told 10 Daily.

“Really, are you going to have a good time during the holidays if you are in a relationship that isn’t working for you?”

Ooof, realtalk.

Milasas had some crucial signs to look out for so you can get them a one-way ticket to Splitsville before they do aren’t so blindsided.

  • A wandering eye
  • Not making you a priority
  • No longer engaging with you that way they used to
  • You’re fighting more than usual

“You know the energy of when someone doesn’t want to be around you,” she said before suggesting that a break-up might be just what’s needed.

“Have fun! Grab that mistletoe! Maybe this is the greatest Christmas present you could have ever had,” she said, and to remember not to take it personally or to think of yourself as less than.

“It’s just the relationship that broke up.”

Happy Break-Up Day everyone x

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