Tinder users in Austin have been coming across an attractive 25-year-old woman named Ava.

However, Adweek reports that not all is what it seems. 

A source of theirs, in fact came across this girl and struck up a conversation with her, that went like this…

Upon opening up her Instagram however, something strange occurred.

The profile only had one photo and one video both promoting a sci-film called ‘Ex Machina’ which just so happened to be premiering that Saturday night in Austin. The girl, Ava, it turns out is actually swedish actress, Alicia Vikander who plays an artificial intelligence in the movie. It’s basically some obscure way of promoting the film.

If you read closely, Ava’s questions in the conversation above are actually referring to a robot wanting to know what it’s like to be human. 


She is technically a robot in the movie and now also on tinder. It’s quite clever, but for the poor fools who fell for her, we would assume it would be quite annoying. 

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