Timm was no doubt absolutely shattered after Angie Kent broke his heart on The Bachelorette last night.

Of course, being the absolutely amazing human that he is, he didn’t let Angie see him cry and he even said how much he loved her chosen guy Carlin, but there’s no doubt about it, he was crushed.

Now that a few months have passed though since the finale episode was actually filmed it seems that Timm is ready to close the book on that chapter and move on.

“I think I’m open to dating again,” Timm told the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning. “I think I’ve moved on… I’m in a good place at the moment.”

Of course it’s going to be fairly easy for Timm to move on now with chicks no doubt sliding into his DMs left right and centre as he was a favourite on the series, but would he consider finding love on reality TV again?


Beau Ryan, who was filling in on the show this morning, asked the one question we all wanted to know. Would Timm be the Bachelor in 2020?

“Yeah one hundred percent,” he told us.

“Imagine that! It would be a Bachelor circus with me stearing the ship.”

“Have they spoken to you about that or is it too early?” Jackie asked.

“No one’s spoken to me about anything, just taking it one step at a time,” Timm added.

Of course the Bachelorette literally JUST finished, so we’ll give Channel 10 a hot sec to actually go ahead and ask Timm! What a good season that would be.


Can we get him to hand out Sunflowers instead of roses too?

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