Last night’s Bachelorette finale saw Angie Kent pick Carlin as her official boyfriend while Timm was sent packing, with Angie forced to tell him that he wasn’t the one.

Timm was understandably heartbroken and after he walked away from Angie during the episode last night he broke down in tears.

It was a side of the loveable larrikin that we had never really seen before and it truly broke hearts around Australia.

He joined the Kyle And Jackie O Show this morning to chat about the finale and how he is doing now.

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Will Timm be the one?

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We asked him whether there was anything that he would have done differently if he could do his time on the show over again and he said that his one regret was not showing Angie his more serious side earlier on.


“We saw you walk into those woods and you were kind of doubled over with your hands on your knees, you were grabbing your face, and the stuff you were saying to the camera, I think it’s the most kind of grounded and serious and focused that we saw you,” James Weir said, as he was filling in on the show today.

“Watching that back, did you think oh I wish I’d maybe shown Angie that side a little bit earlier?”

“Yeah that’s definitely my one regret that I didn’t come out a bit earlier,” Timm told us.

“But I don’t know, you can only deal with what your own emotions do. That’s one thing I can learn from. I hadn’t been in that situation before.

“I think number one lesson is just to open up and just to go with how you’re feeling instead of just trying to hide it.”


Timm also opened up about the moment that made Australia fall in love with him even more last night, when he chose to comfort Angie as she was breaking up with him, instead of getting emotional himself.

“At the last rose ceremony when she let Ryan go, she broke down crying in my arms,” Timm told us. “And I just knew like when that happened I was just thinking if she doesn’t pick me, I’m not letting her cry like that again. That was always in the back of my head.

“And then she started crying and I was like, someone’s got to steer the ship so I just started making jokes and that sort of changed her mood.

“It took a couple of days to process,” he added.

What an absolutely selfless thing to do! Gosh as if we didn’t already love Timm enough!

Speaking of which, Timm told us later in the chat that he would 100% be keen to be The Bachelor in 2020!


Check out more from our chat with Timm in the podcast below!

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