Timm’s gone and done a spicy interview with The Daily Telegraph where he reveals how uncomfortable being on the set of Bachelor in Paradise was.

Hanly has slammed the Network 10’s contracts, saying they’re air-tight and he doesn’t think Jamie Doran’s case will go anywhere.

“I don’t know how far [Jamie’s] going to get away with suing, the contract are pretty tight. They’re pretty much allowed to do what they’ve done,” Timm said to the newspaper.

He went on to say that the truth behind his departure on the show wasn’t transparent, “I wish I could tell you how I really left but I’m not allowed to.”

“It was rubbish editing and it was all planned. It was uncomfortable to be there.”

My curiosity is KILLING ME.

Apparently the BiP producers stitched up Ciarran, “They would encourage [Ciarran] to go after different girls. They stitched him up…They tried to get me to do it, I’m lucky I didn’t. They don’t give a **** about us.”


I see where he’s coming from but no one FORCED Ciarran to lie about it.

Also like Timm said, they tried to get him to do it and he DIDN’T so, it’s a choice.

Overall Hanly had a horrible experience in Paradise “It wasn’t nice to be there, it wasn’t a nice holiday. It was f***ed.”



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