Yesterday we saw reports that original Aussie Bachelor couple Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich were living apart.

The pair, who have been inseparable since the series ended, filming series such as ‘Tim and Anna escape to…’, were rumoured to have hit a rough patch and trialling a new living situation.

However, Tim Robards has taken to Instagram to clear that all up. In a cheeky post, Tim posted a photo of a Woman’s Day spread, explaining the captions the mag used, such as ‘moody moments’ and ‘growing apart’, which was placed on top of a photo of Tim carrying boxes.


The post is actually pretty comical, as he explains tense looks in the restaurant were more about feeling “too full to finish your last piece of steak” than a ‘heated argument’.

Take a look!

Hi guys! I keep getting asked what this latest influx of articles actually means as it was written in a language that most of us don’t understand… Gossip mag language… So I thought I would interpret for u… Hehe 😜 (thanks google translate) The term ‘Heated argument’ 😡… Actually means ‘god I’m full, no I don’t want your last piece of steak thanks’😊 The term ‘tensions so high they didn’t finish food’ 🙅actually means… ‘Anna the chip thief finished off my last sweet potato fries!🙋 ‘Tim, 32’ actually means ‘Tim is looking amaze balls for 33 haha..’👦🏽 ‘Seen moving boxes from their apartment’ actually means ‘was snapped outside work taking his weekly supply of #TRM youfoodz meals home with him’📷🙎 ‘Anna, 30, has already moved out’ interprets as ‘Anna is actually 29 and the only thing she is taking out is the rubbish!’ 💃 ‘Reveals a source’ interprets as ‘the imaginary friend that journos like to refer to’👼 Thanks for always believing in us and our integrity guys! Love you all! Even you gossip mag people, you have a job to do and how u do it is up to you 😘

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