Due to the fact that, every time we blink, there’s another comic-based movie being released, you may have missed the fact that Thor AKA Chris Hemsworth was absent from the most recent Marvel blockbuster, Captain America.

Turns out that Thor went on a bit of a sabbatical, in search of himself and some “me time” – basically, the son of Odin took a gap year, and he did it in Australia.

We know this because Marvel have gifted us with a three-and-a-half minute mockumentary bringing us up to speed with dear old Thor and his exploits and introducing us to our new spirit animal, long-suffering housemate Darryl.

Hey, Darryl.

Some of our highlights include:


1. “Hello.” – Darryl.

2. Thor playing agony aunt – via an “electronic letter”, typed by Darryl – to try and mediate between Captain America and Iron Man.

3. How insanely chuffed Thor is with the “Keep Out Darryl” sign on his bedroom door.

4. Thor’s flowchart/ vision board with what he “likes to call little clues, speckled about the place.”

5. Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer) wearing sunglasses “because it sometimes gets bright on the rainbow bridge” and carrying a tiny version of Thor.

6. “Yep.” – Darryl.


Petition for Marvel to make Darryl an honorary member of The Avengers or at the very least for the kid to make an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok.

Which, if you’re curious, will be out in November next year. M

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